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Pessoa Magic system
Perfect Tempo, Precise Movement, More Protection - An Astonishing Performance
Our Magic System design has done what others have not - creating a powerful transition from the rider to the horse which gives the horse a faster, stronger and clearer signal of what is expected, allows the rider to be in better command of the tempo and maneuver, and yet at the same time protects the horse. The result - an astonishing performance.
Being a leading manufacturer of equitation equipment, METALAB Team has always been aiming for the goal of offering riders a bit which transmits his commands more rapidly and precisely to enhance training results, satisfies the individual needs and at the same time protects and comforts the horse.

Hence, METALAB Team is proud to collaborate with the century's greatest name in horsemanship, Pessoa, to develope the patented System to realize our mutual goal. METALAB Team hopes all riders can benefit from the Pessoa Collection, the fruit of the Pessoas' many years of valuable experience and wisdom and hopes every rider will find a bit suitable to his needs, a bit of his dream.

From the Pessoas...
Because of the same ideals and insistence on perfection and because of their professional manufacturing abilities, we have chosen the METALAB Team to be the exclusive manufacturer to produce the Pessoa Collection with the highlighted System, aiming to fulfill the expectations of various riders.

The special features of the Pessoa Collection:

1. System Bits - precise transition from commands to sensational performance
2. Comfortable Bits - more comfortable and protective
3. Correctional/Leverage Bits - more choices of correction / leverage
4. Special Bits - designs based on years of priceless experience of Pessoa
5. Pessoa Spurs - more secure

We are especially thankful to the METALAB Team for realizing our ideas collected throughout our careers and for their endless efforts in researching, developing, testing and improving of the System. We honestly believe that the System is the best choice for educating and training your horse for competition.


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